Excursions in and around Morro de Sao Paulo

Whale Watching Tour

observacao baleia jubarte
barco piscina natural passeio volta ilha

Around the Island – Tinharé e Boipeba

An unforgetable experience. Visit the most beautyful beaches of the region, snorkel in the natural pools, visit Boipeba and learn about the history of Cairú with it’s second oldest church of brazil.

Beach of Garapuá

Passeio para Garapuá em Morro de São Paulo
Passeio Ponta do Curral em Morro de São Paulo

Beaches PONTA DO CURRAL, COROA and Gamboa do Morro de Sao Paulo

Boipeba Island Off Road

Passeio Ilha de Boipeba Off Road
Passeio Quadriciclo Ilha de Boipeba

Quadricycle – Boipeba Island

Quadricycle – Beach of Garapuá

Passeio de Quadriciclo na praia de Garapuá em Morro de São Paulo