Pousadas and Hotels of Morro de Sao PauloTo deal with the tourist demand, currently Morro de Sao Paulo offers many Pousadas and Hotels for its visitors. Given all the public offering everything from luxury hotels to hostels and the simplicity of campsites and hostels, as well as economic and gracious Hotels. Much of these hotels are located on the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo, but we find accommodations in the village and the smaller streets around the village as well. You just have to know which beach you want to stay and what’s your intent of your vacation, for example, the Fourth and Fifth Beach are suitable for those seeking relaxation, comfort and privacy of semi deserted beaches. And the village, First, Second and Third Beach are for those who like agitation. It is in the Second Beach where the ones who like to party should stay.

Pousadas and Hotels seafront in Morro de Sao PauloWith so many options, the most suitable is always to make your reservations early, especially in high season months from December to March and from July to September, as well at the extended holidays. Even during low season, the ideal is to inform yourself about what the beaches offer and choose the Pousada or Hotel of your preference in advance. Thus it is very important to know what you’re looking for on your vacation. For those seeking economy, in the center are excellent options. The seaside inns that offer a wonderful visual is also a good tip and these extend until the fourth beach.


Pousadas and Hotels at the Center of Morro de Sao Paulo

Pousada Charme at the Center of Morro de Sao PauloThe Center of Morro de Sao Paulo is very busy and is composed of the main street, known as Caminho da Praia (Beach Road). Here you find the biggest part of the restaurants, Hotels, Pousadas and commerce in general, among them: Pousada Caminho da Praia, Pousada Mareia, Pousada Charme Pousada Mediterrâneo, Pousada Estevão, Pousada do Gaúcho, Pousada Natal and Casa Blanca. Another Road is the Rua da Biquinha that starts at Rua da Fonte Grande and terminates at the Rua da Prainha. It’s a very quiet and little alley, frequented by tourists. Residents use this way when they do not want to go through the sometimes very busy Street from Caminho da Praia. Here you’ll find the Pousada Uma Janela para o Sol, Pousada Passarte I and II, Pousada Sheherazade, Pousada Bela Vista, Pousada Toca da Arraia and the Pousada Pérola do Morro.

The hotels Portaló and Amendoeira at the harbour of Morro de Sao PauloUpon the arrival at the Pier, we find Hotel Portaló taking its name from the historic monument. Then after going up a hill we are already at the beginning the Center, on our right we see the the Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Luz (Church of Our Lady of Light) and the praça in front of a hughe Amendoeira (Almond Tree). On the outskirts of this small praça which is overlooking the sea, are excellent Hotels and Pousadas as the Hotel Pousada Natureza and Pousada Passárgada. As well as the Pousada Xerífe (sheriff) and the Hotel Amendoeira that are more economical. After the Praça da Amendoeira we come to the Praça Aureliano Lima, it also has very good and traditional Inns such as Pousada O Casarão, Pousada Solar das Artes and the Pousada do Joe.

Pousadas and hotels at the Fonte Grande de Morro de Sao PauloThe last street which is part of the Vila (Center) in Morro de Sao Paulo is the Rua da Fonte Grande, which also has a lot of shops, houses and of course, pousadas and hotels. Most villagers have to go through there to go to their homes. We find there more economical accommodations, but not less charming. Such as the Pousada da Fonte Grande, Canto da Sereia, Pousada Fonte do Imperador, Pousada Tinharé, Pousada Escorregue no Reggae, Pousada Aconchego, Pousada Caravelas, Pousada Tia Preta, Pousada and Camping Dona America and Pousada Volta Grande. Entering the Rua da Praia do Porto de Cima you find, Pousada Aquarela, Pousada Colibri and Pousada Porto de Cima.


Pousadas and Hotels at the First Beach

Pousada Morena at First Beach of Morro de Sao PauloAt the First Beach in Morro de Sao Paulo we casn find plenty of shops, drug stores, pousadas, hotels, restaurants, as well as fast food. Its location is perfect to enjoy sleeping in a quiet area on the same time beeing close to agitation. It is located between the Center and the Second Beach. There are both hotels on the sea and across the street parallel to the sea. There are: Pousada Ilha das Flores, Pousada Ilha da Saudade, Pousada Ilha do Sol, Pousada Brisa mar (Sea Breeze), Pousada Lua Cheia (Full Moon), Morena Pousada, Pousada Palmeira, Pousada Kasa de Praia, Pousada Via Brazil, Pousada Porto dos Milagres, Pousada Farol do Morro, Pousada Nativo and Aroeira Beach Hotel.

Pousadas and Hotels at the second Beach

Pousada da Torre at Segunda Praia of Morro de Sao PauloThe Second Beach is the busiest at day and night. It is ideal for tourists who come in search of fun, party and agitation of a beach super busy. In it there are many seafront restaurants with umbrellas and chairs for it’s visitors. Small local shops, cyber café, travel agency, markets and hotels and pousadas are also found.

Pousadas and hotels at the Segunda praia of Morro de Sao PauloAt the beach are the Hotels and Pousadas: Pousada Bahia Bella, Pousada Sol de Verão, Pousada Villa das Pedras, Pousada da Torre, Pousada Tapirandu, Clube do Balanço, Pousada Estrela do Mar, Pousada Funny.
The Pousadas in the narrow streets of Second Beach are: Pousada Timbaland, Pousada Michele, Pousada Girassol (Sunflower), Pousada Encanto da Lua, Varanda do Sol, Urucum, Millennium II, Le Terrace Beach Hotel, Pousada Sambass,Pousada Fantasia do Morro and Pousada Portal do Sol II.

Pousadas and Hotels at the Third Beach

Pousadas and Hotels at the sea on Third Beach of Morro de Sao PauloThe Third Beach of Morro de Sao Paulo is located between the agitated Second Beach and the Fourth Beach paradise. With easy access and only 15 minutes away from the Vila (Center of Morro de Sao Paulo). It has a small structure with some shops, small markets, restaurants and a few hotels and pousadas. Some of the hotels have their own restaurant, some of them open to the public in general. The beach is surrounded by reefs, has warm waters and is not as full of tourists as the Second Beach.

Pousadas and hotels at the Third Beach of Morro de Sao PauloAt the beach: Pousada Minha Louca Paixão, Pousada Aradhia, Pousada Kanzuá do Marujo, Pousada Paraíso do Morro, Pousada Água Viva, Pousada Aparecida do Mar, Pousada Chez Max, Pousada Farol da Estrelas, P. Grauçá, Pousada Paradise, Hotel Fazenda Caeira, Hotel Villa dos Corais, Hotel Village Paraíso Tropical and Pousada Villa Guaiamu.
Others options not beeing at the beach are: Pousada Coqueiro do Caitá, Pousada Gênova, Pousada Encanto do Morro, Pousada Albatroz, P. Barra Vento, P. Tranqüila, Pousada Maria do Pão, Pousada Tia Rita, Samba no Morro and Pousada Sol e Mar.

Pousadas and Hotels at the Fourth Beach

Patachocas Êco Resort of Morro de Sao PauloThe Fourth Beach is the longest of all, and has been considered by the magazine “Terra” as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Not much frequented by tourists, it’ visitors can enjoy the wonderful landscape of a semi deserted beach with large palm tree areas and calm and clear waters. It is not very commercially exploited, the restaurants are from the proper hotels that offer comfort, leisure and transport to the Second Beach to its guests.

Patachocas Êco Resort at the Fourth Beach de Morro de Sao PauloPousadas and Hotels found at the fourth beach: Pousada Aymorés, Pousada do Coqueiro, Pousada Tatiba, Pousada Marraro, Vila Mato Verde, Pousada Vila do Côco and Pousada Águas do Morro.
Hotels at the beach: Hotel Catavento, Hotel Porto do Zimbo, Hotel Puerto Beach and Patachocas Eco Resort.

Pousadas and Hotels at the Fifth Beach / Praia do Encanto

Pousadas and hotels at the Fifth Beach of Morro de Sao PauloThe Fifth Beach, as well called Praia do Encanto, is the last beach of Morro de Sao Paulo and is divided from the Fourth Beach by a dense mangrove forest. It is the place for those seeking privacy and comfort that charming and lovely hotels offer. These hotels have complete infrastructure with an area of leisure, food and comfort, and luxury suites for its guests. They also provide the transport that gives access to the Second Beach.

Pousadas and hotels at the Praia do Encanto de Morro of Sao PauloThere aren’t any Pousadas at the fifth beach, just Hotels.

Hotels at the beach: Hotel Praia do Encanto – the oldest one, Anima Hotel, Hotel Karapitangui and Hotel Vila dos Orixás – the newest one.