Travel Tips Morro de São Paulo

It is quite normal to have doubts before going to a destination we do not know. It’s always good to know how is the climate of the place, periods in which costs are higher, what to put in your suitcase and some important facts of the destination so one can prevent and ensure that his vacation will be successful. In here we’ll give you hints for your stay so that you wont undergo any inconvenience.

Upon arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo tourists have to pay a tourism tax of R$ 10.00 that is charged by the city of Cairu. This value is individual and collected only once at the entrance on the island, the pier or on the runways for arriving aircrafts. Children under 5 years, adults over 65 years, residents of the island and the municipalities of the Southern Bahia are exempt from this fee.

Tourist Tax of Morro de São Paulo
Morro de São Paulo at low season

It is important to know which months are of high season and which are of low season, this will influence your pocket very much. The fall season has more accessible values. In the months of May and June, rain is more common than the rest of the year. If you’re lucky enough to not rain during your stay it will be great to enjoy the island since at that time there aren’t so many tourists and all the prices are lower. In the months June, August and September you will find many European tourists visiting this paradise. During these months the temperature at night gets more down, but the sun rises every day. In this period we also find that the presence of humpback whales in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. There are schooner rides to do whale watching.

In high season including the months December, January and February the prices are higher. The hotels and pousadas in Morro de Sao Paulo are packed, therefor advanced booking is required. The climate is very hot and you’ll find sun all the day long, allowing beautiful beach days. During the night the heat continues and sometimes there is little refreshing rain. On holidays and dates like New Year’s Eve and Carnival Chillout , Morro de Sao Paulo receives its maximum capacity. At these dates it’s common for hotels, pousadas and hostels to work only with packets with a minimum rate. A tip for those who want to travel to Morro de Sao Paulo on one of those dates, make your reservations well in advance, so you will have no trouble finding the acomodation of your choice.

Morro de São Paulo at high season
Carrier of Morro de São Paulo with luggage

Your luggage to travel to Morro de Sao Paulo is quite simple. The climate on this island is smooth, simple and quite hot. Thus, light clothing is the best. Dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, tank tops and bathing suits is the tip for women of all ages. Men just shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, shorts or swimming trunks beyond the bathroom. As the island’s streets and alleys are not paved and there drive tractor that goes beyond the mornings to collect the garbage, we advise you not to make too big for a bag can carry. If not, at the place of arrival of the transfers are cariers with wheelbarrows who charge a little bit for carrying your baggage.

Still considering the simplicity of this village and its streets, we give an important tip, your feet should be with the most comfortable shoes possible. The slipper toes or Flip-Flops are the most used by men and women. In morro de Sao Paulo are shops that sell these slippers for the same price found in other places. Don´t even think about High heels! If you like hiking trails and eco trails we recommend as well shoes comfortables. Even at the night when anything pulses in Morro de Sao Paulo, we recommend you to wear simple clothes and take it easy according to the simplicity of the environment.

Flip Flops at the Second Beach of Morro de São Paulo
Pousada Hotel in Morro de São Paulo

When choosing your Pousada, hotel or resort in Morro de Sao Paulo values can vary widely. The hint for those who want peaceful beaches and luxuary acomodations and can pay for it, are Fourth Beach and Praia do Encanto. As for those who like to party and hype, the Second Beach is the best place, and for those who wish to be well located with easy access to everything we set out the First Beach, Vila and Fonte grande. In the case of economics, in Morro de Sao Paulo are hostels, camping and even kitchenettes(apartements for rent). During high season some vacation homes of residents also are leased, this is a good option for those traveling in large groups, so they can make their meals at home and thereby reduce costs and have a cheaper stay in Morro de Sao Paulo.

As in Morro de Sao Paulo there are many places with preserved forests and you find green spaces in almost any places, therefor you will encounter insects like mosquitoes. Do not forget to buy repellent. Other information that is useful is that the energy in Morro de Sao Paulo is 220 V, so find out the voltage of your devices or if they are bi-volts. If you want to bring your surfboard, it is good to inform the company of your flight because you’ll have to pay extra – if there is excess baggage or not – a value that ranges between R$100,00 and R$130,00 for loading.

The pure nature of Morro de São Paulo
Catholic church of Morro de São Paulo

In the village you’ll find shops in general, restaurants, hotels, markets, pharmacy, internet café, call-shops, money-exchange, police station, the Catholic Church nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of Light) on Saturday with a mass celebrated by the local parish, the clinic with ambulance and to give ambulancha support (speed-boat ambulance) in any event that happens with both tourists and residents. Here it is worth mentoining that currently in Morro de Sao Paulo are clinic and doctors thanks to contributions from the tourism tax. For those who prefer the services of a particular Doctor, there is also a little clinic at the First Beach at Rua da Prainha. This office works with many international health insurance, thus giving assistance to foreign tourists.

Overall, the shops in Morro de Sao Paulo are open every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday throughout the whole year. The hours of operation of such establishments is in line with the movement and so depnding on the season the shops stay open longer or not. During the low season supermarkets usually open at 7 am and close at 21 hours; pharmacies open at 08:30 and close at 22 hours, already the clothing and souvenier-stores can vary greatly, normally open at 10 am and close at 22 hours. During high season these hours extended by closing nearly all trade at midnight.

The busy Vila de Morro de São Paulo
Bradesco Banc at Galeria do Funny em Morro de São Paulo

In Morro de Sao Paulo there are no banks with attendant, however there is the lottery of Caixa Economica Federal (CEF) where you can withdraw money from both CEF and the Bank of Brazil, an ATM of the Bank of Brazil and another from Bradesco wich accepts international credit cards. All located at the village. The maximum amount per day for the service is R$ 1000.00. It is not uncommon that these ATMs run out of money to draw. Many establishments of all kinds are already working with credit cards, but not all. The trick here is that you come prevented with a quantity of cash. This will prevent some disorders, especially in high season. Yet for the case that you run out of money it’s worth knowing that in the vila is a restaurant where you can withdraw via credit card, but they charge 10% for this service.

If your concern is food, you will find a wide variety of restaurants in Morro de Sao Paulo. Most of these serve complete dishes with different values, ranging from the famous PF(dish made) with the approximate value of R$10.00 per person, by a variety of dishes with typical food, seafood, fish, calamari, meat and pasta with approximate value of R$ 60.00 for two people. The restaurants vary widely, there are Restaurants with typical local food, Argentinean steakhouses, Italian restaurants, Japanese, pizza, pancake breakfast and self-service. Of course they also have fine restaurants with delicious menus made by skilled chefs.

Morro de São Paulo and it's restaurants
Fast Food in Morro de São Paulo

Some establishments also work with fast food, acai, burgers and pies. Walking on the beaches, mainly at the Second Beach, you’ll find lots of people selling sandwiches and integrals. Small kiosks are also selling sweets and bakery items and wonderful pies. For those who are in hostels that do not offer breakfast, there are also bakeries in town that offer these services for a low price.

Do not forget the suncream, it is necessary in nearly every situation, on the beaches as on day trips. If you need any personal hygiene products like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, moisturizer you’ll find everything in the markets of the village for a price slightly higher than in the city. These products will weigh your luggage and you can find them in Morro de Sao Paulo easily. It is important to carry a first aid kit and any medication you are using as well.

With these tips your trip will be wonderful, without any unpleasant contingencies. Now just make your reservations early, pack up and come enjoy this piece of paradise that Morro de Sao Paulo is.

Sunset of Morro de São Paulo