Only two cities provide access to Morro de Sao Paulo, Salvador and Valença. What matters is which of the 03 ways you will choose. Arriving in Salvador you will have to choose between air shuttle, land shuttle and Catamaran from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo.

How to get to Morro de São Paulo by air shuttle

Each option has a different travel time. Their values also vary widely. It is necessary to inform yourself about the times of your choosen transfer, because their schedules are limited, as well, before buying your tickets to Salvador – whether air or land – consider the possibilities of reaching Morro de Sao Paulo still on the same day. If you come to Salvador after 1:00 pm, you will only have the option air-shuttle, because the last catamaran to Morro de Sao Paulo leaves at 2:00 pm and you will not have enough time to arrive on time to board.

Transfer Aéreo

Arring on Morro de São Paulo by plane

The air shuttle has a travel time of only 20 minutes. At the International Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhaes the companies have branch offices and vans that take the passengers to the runway, located next to the airport. The place of your arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo will depend on the company. There are two tracks, one at Third Beach and the other on the Fourth Beach. The last one has a transport that carries its passengers to the receptive located behind the Second Beach. The value of this transfer is R $ 225.00 or U.S. $ 231.00 per person per trip.

Transfer Marítimo

Catamaran Farol do Morro de São Paulo - Shuttle by the sea

Another option is the transfer on the sea by Catamaran. Your journey time is approximately 2 hours. The departure point is the Ferry Terminal in front of the Mercado Modelo in the “Cidade Baixa” of Salvador da Bahia. The arrival in Morro de Sao Paulo is in the port (Ponte) located in the town next to Fortress of Tapirandú. Depending on the season and demand the value for the transfer varies between R$ 75.00 and R$ 80.00 per person per trip.

Transfer Terrestre

How to get to Morro de São Paulo by land on the road

If you prefer the landway, this type of transfer is the longest not having a precise time since many of the stages depend on public transport that has no precise timetables. The leaving point of the trip in Salvador is at the São Joaquim ferry terminal, there you take the ferry and cross the Baía de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints) until Bom Despacho located on the island of Itaparica. This trip takes 40 minutes. In Bom Despacho you will get a minibus, bus or private taxi to the city of Valença. Arriving at the bus terminal must go to the ferry terminal of Valenca where hourly leave speedboats, and conventional boats to Morro de Sao Paulo. The values range of this trip from $ 7.00 to $ 15.00. The last departure is at 18 hours and the arrival is at the same Pier as the transfer at sea. This is the most economical way.
Transfer from Salvador para Morro de São Paulo

Within the terrestrial option already exist companies that make the shuttle of least value catamaran ($ 80.00). An air-condicioned van picks up the passengers at their hotels in Salvador’s Orla until Itapuã – located near the International Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhaes. Then crossing the Baia de todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints) by speedboat to Bom Despacho where a minibus takes the passengers to the nearest place of Morro de Sao Paulo on the continent known as the Atracadouro (wharf). On more tima traveling with the speedboat, just 20 minutes and you are in Morro de Sao Paulo. Throughout the whole transfer an english speaking tourist guide accompanies the tour.